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Fabric is an important part of a project whether the look you are aiming for is  minimalist or something with a bit more detail.
There is nothing more beautiful than  well made curtains framing the view to your garden or a soft voile obscuring vision either into or out of your home.
Fabric has a large part to play in how comfortable we feel in our home from the sofa we lounge on in the evenings to the cushion we use to support our backs while reading the Sunday papers.

Once you get the construction and layout of your house right you can afford to have some fun with fabric it's a popular choice for people to keep their pallet very plain with wall colour and floor finishes freeing them up to use upholstery fabric and curtain fabric as a statement piece to pull the project together. It is worth contacting us if you intend to buy fabric to finish a scheme and we would be happy to talk you through all the choices available and give you advice on the interior design trends that are current and also show you some of our more classic fabrics.

We are agents for some of Europe's leading fabric suppliers such as Osborne and Little - Nina Campbell - Sanderson and  Morrison & Co all of these companies have an endless choice of designs to suit every taste and budget . l  .